Day Eight – Final written exam, then beginning Pre-Trip Inspection

I passed the final. Total score for the classroom part of the course; 93% = A.

As I said before, it all gets reset next week. Being good in a classroom doesn’t automatically translate into real world competency.

And, again, I want to thank Trucking Truth for The High Road Online CDL Training Program. I would never had done so well without it.

After we finished the final and were given our scores, we said goodbye to our classroom instructor and said hello to our driving instructors. The first guy started by saying, “I’m an *******. If you don’t like it, **** you.” I love trucking already. No, honestly, I really do.

Some random end of week thoughts.

I really dig all my classmates. One guy got laid off from one of the big casinos here in Vegas, he had worked there for 20 years, mostly as a pit boss. He told me, “I’ll never put on a suit ever again. I gave all my shirts, ties, slacks, all to Goodwill. If I have to go to a funeral, I have a jacket….”

One guy had been the manager of a chain food store for 8 years. Like me, he’s looking forward to being alone for long periods of time. Because customers suck.

One guy is from Eastern Europe. Seems very shady, he drives a big black Mercedes that costs more than many of the houses here in Vegas.

This morning I actually went into a truck stop, a Pilot near the school. It was like this in-between place on a scale from 7-11 to Walmart. With showers. From what I understand, I’ll be spending a lot of time in places like this from now on. It was weird.

Also, I’m still trying to figure out what my CB handle will be.

Lastly, I actually have one phone interview tomorrow. Yes, with Big Blue Trucking. And, after that, I have a call back with yet another company. I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you for reading all this, have a great weekend, everyone. I’ll be back next week with Week 3.


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