Day Five – Log Books and Trip Planning

$80.00 for a road atlas, eh? No, the school isn’t selling them, we were using ones from 2008. I saw the price on the back. I wonder if the price has gone up since then.

Everything is on a bigger scale with trucking. Vehicles are bigger, jobs are bigger, coffee mugs are bigger, road atlases are bigger. Danger is bigger. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the scale of the whole thing.

Trip planning seems both fairly straightforward and confusing at the same time. Lots of hours to keep track of, 11 hours, 14 hours, 70 hours. Lots of hours. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it soon. Same thing with log books.

Can anyone tell me the why drivers object to e-logs, because filling out all this stuff out by hand is a drag. I appreciate I need to know the mechanics behind the daily log, and I have no problems learning this decades old-school trucking tradition. I’m just curious.

We were supposed to have a recruiter from a major carrier come speak to us today, but they bailed. I guess they don’t need drivers that bad. I wonder if I should take that as emblematic of how the company works.

More recruiters are scheduled throughout the week. I’ll keep you posted.

The more I looked at the maps today, the more I wanted to get out onto the road. Learning about air brakes and weight restrictions is important and necessary and good, however seeing real destinations stirred something in me. Places I’ve only read about. Denver. Lubbock. New Orleans. Spokane. St. Louis. Can’t wait.

Get in. Let’s go. I’ll drive.


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