Day One

First day of class. It’s the 160 hour course, 2 weeks in the classroom and 2 weeks in the trucks.

A couple guys got removed from class almost immediately for failing the drug test. I knew this industry attracted it’s fair share of chuckleheads, but My God, people, they told us a dozen times they were going to drug test us first thing in the morning. Wow.


My initial impression of the course is that I am supremely thankful for the The High Road Online CDL Training Program. I spent all last week going though it and I can’t express how much of a difference it’s made. The classroom is set up as the most basic rote memorization, “Highlight this, it’s going to be on the test. Highlight that, it’s going to be on the test.” Going through the High Road course has given me a much more comprehensive exposure and understanding of the material.

I questioned why I was even taking the course because, obviously, I could have done this part online. However, I began to appreciate how different people approach the material, how they bring up different questions that I would never have thought about. Never dismiss the benefits of learning as a group.

The class. All guys. One is over 21 by, I would guess, a couple of days, because he looks 17. One guy looks like he’s in his 30s or so, and the rest of us are all 40s to late 50s. I’m talking late 50s. Late.

Why does trucking seem to attract a more mature workforce? Discuss.

Lastly, finally being in a classroom made this all seem real. I made the decision to become a truck driver only about three weeks ago. It’s been a whirlwind of planning, budgeting, and worrying if this was the right decision. Watching other drivers YouTube channels, doing online CDL testing, it was all abstract.

Being around real trucks, hearing real people tell their stories, smelling grease and bad coffee, it all solidified the decision for me.

This is really happening. And it’s going to be great. Hopefully.

We’ll see what tomorrow is like.


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