Day Seven – Introduction to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and then Cargo Documentation

Day 7 – Introduction to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and then Cargo Documentation.

Yes, the day was every bit as exciting as that sounded.

I still don’t understand the Bridge Law Rule Thingy. I might have to Google that.

I mentioned last week that several random people had wandered into class, other instructors and former students just in the neighborhood, and they would share their stories and we got to ask them questions. I’ll never forget what one of them said;

“Your first year, you won’t even know how to spell truck.”

That’s really stayed with me. It’s a good perspective to have. Especially in relation to picking an employer.

I mention that because I will often find myself thinking, “After this school, you’ll have a marketable skill. People with Class A CDL licenses are in demand, dammit!” And so I’ll go off trying to submit my application to Magic Unicorn Transportation, the small yet lovable company where all the dispatchers know your name, all the loading docks you’ll visit only require straight backing, you’ll be paid .51 cents a mile right out of school and you’ll get 3,000 miles every week, plus all the home time you want. Straight out of school. With zero hours on the clock.

Listen, I know that I’m going to have to eat a shit sandwich when I start, I get it. I’m just making any effort to reduce it from a triple decker to something like a patty melt. And maybe some curly fries.

With that in mind, we had our second recruiter into class today. In keeping with the anonymous theme, we’ll call the company Big Blue* Trucking.

Big Blue was totally different than Big White Trucking. It was a man, not a woman, and I’m truthfully quite horrified about the snap decisions I made about the previous recruiter simply because she was a she. Maybe I’m more misogynistic than I though I was.

Anyway, Big Blue recruiter has a big bag of swag for each of us. Brilliant. Big White only had a three-fold brochure and a pen. Seriously.

In the bag were several full color booklets about the company, it’s history, mission statement and what they have to offer. Also, there was a printout of the recruiters powerpoint presentation. There were also sheets describing, in detail, their training program, their pay and incentive packages (including signing bonus! Take that Big White!), and all the different opportunities within the company.

The recruiter was forthright and knowledgeable, especially about their trucks. Yes, he was a former driver. Big White’s recruiter had previously been in real estate.

In truth, I had no qualms at all with anything the recruiter for Big Blue Trucking had said. He was honest about our place on the totem pole. However, he was also upfront with the fact that their business doesn’t really make money if all they do is train new drivers, and it’s in the companies best interest to work hard to retain drivers.

Well, it’s not Magic Unicorn Trucking, but I really liked what I heard.

We’ll see.

Tomorrow is the final exam in the morning, then we head out to the yard to start learning about pre-trip inspections.

It’ll be nice to get dirty for a change.

Wish me luck on the final.

*please note that blue does not indicate the actual color of their trucks.


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