Day Six – More Trip Planning

Because this is the 160 hour course, I’m assuming that they have to prove that the students have 160 hours of class time. That’s 40 hours per week for 4 weeks. However, I’m pretty sure they don’t have 40 hours of material this week. But they are required to keep us there for 40 hours.

That’s not a class, that’s a hostage situation.

The bright spot today was our first recruiter. She was a smartly dressed woman who worked for, oh, let’s not call out names here, we’ll say she worked for Big White Trucking. That could be several different carriers.

She began by spending a disproportionate amount of time going around the class asking for people’s name, what they did before school, and why they wanted a job in transportation. With every response I am sure she was sizing up her potential client pool, but I felt the time could have been better spent promoting her company. Who knows, maybe she assumed that everyone knows who Big White Trucking is.

Once she got rolling, however, it was a fine presentation, though she made the connection that Big White Trucking is like the WalMart of trucking. I know what she meant, but I’m not convinced that was the best analogy. Here’s some of my other favorite quotes from her presentation:

“Yes, I’m aware of what people say about our company, but in terms of percentage, it really is just a small, vocal minority….”

“Our drivers love the driver facing cameras….”

And when asked if her company offers a sign on bonus, she replied, “Sign on bonus is a fancy terms carriers like to throw around….”

The actual nuts and bolts of the terms, truth be told, did not seem that bad. They do offer tuition reimbursement, the option to go either OTR or Regional , a pretty good medical plan, a clearly defined training program and not a horrible beginning pay rate.

I know what you are saying, “She is a RECRUITER! It’s her JOB to make Big White Trucking look good.” Which is a valid point. On the other hand, I actually know some people who love their job at WalMart. Truth, I do. Are there horror stories about working at Wally World? You betcha.

But I know people who love working there. I do.

So, who knows, I might actually look into joining the team. After all, I did take one of the pens she was giving away. I guess I owe them something now.

I’ll do some more research. More recruiters are coming this week as well. I’ll keep you posted.


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