Day Sixteen – Test day

I passed.

The pre-trip went good. Maybe even great, who knows. The skills test got dicey at times, but on some of the maneuvers I was allowed two pull ups and two GOAL’s* before I was docked any points, and you bet I took most of them. For the driving test, I screwed the pooch on a downshift almost at the very beginning of the test. But I remembered to breathe, and I remembered that I wasn’t doing anything I hadn’t done before. I nailed the very next downshift, and knew it was all going to be ok.

On a couple of turns, I watched my rear tandems come inches from the curb, but never hitting, and certainly never going over. My examiner gave me one or two “You got lucky there, son.” kind of looks after a turn, but I just smiled and kept running.

I feel like the weight of a fully loaded trailer just lifted from my shoulders.

I got the rest of the day off. I’m going to take a nap.

I want to thank Trucking Truth for all your resources and help, I definitely couldn’t have done this without this site. Thanks.

Now, on to actually finding a job.

*GOAL = Get Out And Look


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