Day Three

More tests passed, combination vehicles, doubles & triples, tankers. More review for the CDL Permit test at the DMV tomorrow.

In general, I just want to say I’m very happy with my driving school. I’ve read some horror stories about some schools, however this has been a very positive experience so far, no complaints. Well, I say that…

Today, we were watching safety videos made in 1989. That’s 27 years. For some context, if I was watching a 27 year old movie in class when I was in high school in 1985, that would be a film made in 1958. I dunno, maybe the foundational principals of safety are eternal, never changing.

And, besides, those 1970s cabover’s were SWEET!

70s Cab over

But, again, that’s just nitpicking.

I got a line on a company that’s hiring, but they only deliver to the Western 11 states. I’m based in Vegas, so that would be cool. Or would it?

I mean, going OTR is kind of an opportunity of a lifetime, to see more of the USA in one or two years that most people ever see.

But, then, you’re really not “seeing” it, are you, you’re just driving through it. And seeing truck stops, mostly. So, staying in the Western 11 would be fine.

Or would it? What about getting all that experience of driving through so much different weather and different traffic conditions. I would be far more well rounded if I went for a company that drove through all the lower 48.

But, then, I’d probably get more home time with a local company.

Seriously, I can go back and forth like this all night. I’m a mess.

I’m going to go study for my DMV tests tomorrow, wish me luck.


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