Day Two

Day 2 of class. The scores from the written tests so far:

Backing: 25 questions, got one wrong
General Knowledge: 50 questions, got one wrong
Air Brakes: 25 questions, 100% right.

This has no bearing on whether or not I’ll be a good driver, it only means I’m really great at taking tests.

For the 3rd exam, one of the questions was utterly nonsensical, and had no relation to any material we studied. Most everyone got it wrong. I argued my case, and eventually the instructor brought the big boss in and he said we were right. When he left, the instructor just looked at me and said, “There’s one in every class.”

I didn’t care. I wanted my 100%.

Over the last two days, we’ve had various people wander into class, other instructors and former students, and just tell us their stories. That’s been the best.

When I first began to research this industry, I wanted to keep a level head and not get too excited. So to make sure I got the scoop on the “real world” of trucking, I focused only on the doom and gloom reports, negative reviews of companies and thinking that any positive stories from people were just spin. Or hyperbole. However, it’s been refreshing to hear people actually happy with their work, and their companies.

Tonight, I’m doing more research on companies because I want to start sending out applications this weekend.


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