Roll With The Changes

I should have called my blog Roll With The Changes.

Dammit. Oh well.

I leave for Phoenix tomorrow to start my three weeks of training.  I decided to go with Schneider, The Big Orange. Previously known from my blog as Big Blue Trucking. Get it, because blue is the complimentary color of orange.  They sit opposite on the color wheel.  Anyone else interested in color theory?  No?  Fine, whatever.

Training involves one week in the classroom, one week out driving with a trainer, then one more week in the classroom, ending with final testing.  If I pass all that, then somewhere around the middle of April I will be handed the keys to my very own truck. All of this has happened so fast.

Schneider calls their trainers “Training Engineers”. I’m not even joking. Early in my life, I had several jobs as a File Clerk. On my resume, I always changed that job title to Records Distribution Coordinator. That’s what Training Engineer feels like, like someone paid a marketing firm to conduct some focus groups on how people feel about the word “trainer”. Probably the same firm who got us to change from “used cars” to “pre-owned cars.”

Three weeks in Phoenix.  One full day to get there.  I’m going to be on a Greyhound bus almost 10 hours tomorrow, what would normally be a 4 or 5 hour drive.  I could fly from Vegas to London in that kind of time.

Full confession, I haven’t even packed yet. I have spent this last week ticking off boxes on the Schneider packing checklist they e-mailed to me, acquiring things like a flashlight, work gloves, and the like. I bought an old Acer laptop off craigslist for $80.00 and have spent a disproportionate amount of time this week installing photography software and making sure that will be up to the task for when I start taking my camera on the road. I won’t be taking my camera to training, however, I’m sure I’ll be too busy learning.  And sleeping.  And hopefully writing.

And missing my family.  I guess this is where it starts, the separation.  My wife put on a brave face for most of the lead up, but only just recently confessed how much she will miss me.  I had also mentioned that my wife lost her father recently. Now I’m going to be on the road for weeks at a time.  Our son is in the Marines and our daughter will be studying overseas after her graduation in June.  We will be empty nesters soon, and I think being separated from each other as well is going to amplify that to a distressing degree.

My God, our kids were just in diapers.  Only last month, it seems like.

All of this has happened so fast.

Roll with the changes.


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