My Second Day

For the second day in a row, I didn’t want to get out of bed.

I had no idea how that DOT violation was going to play with Martha, or with Schneider.

I fully expected there would be messages for me, either on my Qualcomm, or on my phone. Or both. In my vivid imagination they ranged from, “You need to go back to Phoenix to get more training,” to “Clear out your stuff, you’re fired.” To my surprise, however, there was nothing.

When I called Martha, I got a bit of a scolding, and she reminded me that I needed to not do that again. I had to remind her that that was, in fact, my first day on the job. She seemed to back down a bit. Then she wanted to make sure I could still deliver the load. The freight must flow.

I was going from Flagstaff, AZ to near Sacramento, CA. 767 miles. They gave me two days. I wanted to ask, “You mean, I’m not fired?”, but I held that back. After some quick revisions to my trip plan, I said “Yes, I can still do this.”

“Ok, good.” Matha, ever the wordsmith.

I did a pre-trip, then I got on the road. And the rest of the day was driving.

This is the job I imagined I would have.

Other than Interstate 40 being about as desolate a road you can imagine, the trip went great. I got to stop to stretch for a bit. I saw some great scenery. I wasn’t stuck behind a desk in an office.

It was a good day.

Pulling into a truck stop at 9:00 that night, I was betting that there would still be plenty of good spaces available. And I was right. I got a coveted pull through spot so I didn’t even have to back up. I’ll practice backing up later.

After shutting down I did a quick post-trip inspection, then walked into the truck stop. My feet felt like they were 5 inches off the pavement. I did it. I was a damn rock star!

This job, man.


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