Quick Shout Out

Going back to my story about my first day on the job, I had briefly mentioned that I stopped at a Subway to get something to eat. The Subway was at a truck stop, obviously.

When you are hauling a 53’ trailer, and you stand 13’ 6” high, and you often weigh over 70,000 lbs, you’re days of quickly popping into the Starbucks drive-thru are over.

Or any drive thru, for that matter.

I pull in, and I find a row of empty spaces I can back into. Except, because I’m new and I’m frustrated, I just can’t get it right. I do about a half-dozen pull ups, but all my training and limited experience has completely left me. Another driver, sitting in his truck, had been watching this embarrassment unfold. He gets out, says, “Hey, Schneider. You know, 18 years ago, I was you. I know exactly what you’re going through. Here, let me help.”

And out of nowhere this angel guides me right into the space.

So, shout out to the good Samaritan at the Love’s Truck Stop just outside Kingman, Arizona. Never tell me there aren’t good people out there. Don’t you dare tell me that.


2 thoughts on “Quick Shout Out

  1. Considering your emotionally fragile state, if I were you, I would have lost it right there and then. I’m tearing up just reading about the kindness of strangers. Makes me want to be a better person to and more understanding with others. God bless those that have the ability and willingness to remember walking that mile in another’s (new) shoes!


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