My New Truck


It’s a Kenworth. A Kenworth T680 to be specific.

It looks fairly new.  And shiny.  And it doesn’t smell like it was abandoned by an overweight slob who smoked like a chimney.

I still haven’t driven it.  I spent the whole day putting away my stuff and then reading through the Owner’s Manual.  It’s strange to think that a big commercial vehicle like this has something as mundane as a plain Owner’s Manual, but it does.  And it was a life saver, I didn’t know what half of the switches on the dashboard were.

It’s a nice truck. Almost too nice.  I liked the idea of nursing a sick truck back to life.  This is like buying a silver plated utensil set and handing it to your toddler as they begin to eat solid food.

Why was I in Sacramento, I hear you ask.  It was a long story.  I may share the details from that adventure, I may not.  What I don’t want this blog to become is a rote retelling of the events from each day.  No matter how interesting I could make that, I know it will become stale eventually.

I’d like to explore an increasingly non-linear, anecdotal approach to this blog.  That is a fancy-schmancy way to say that I am more interested in sharing my thoughts and opinions, rather than a adhere to a “This was my day today” format.  I don’t know, we’ll see.

It is a moot point, though, I haven’t turned any wheels for a few days now.  Martha said she’ll give me breakdown pay.  That will help, and I’m thankful because many companies wouldn’t.  But still, I haven’t had a solid paycheck since the very beginning of February.  It’s almost May.  I’ve spent a significant amount of money to get this Commercial Driver’s License.  I’m invested in this.  I rolled the dice, I’m hoping that there will be a payoff down the road.

Not this week. And probably not in the first few months.  Or even the first year.

But, then again, this does end my first week of being a truck driver.  As I mentioned, there were adventures I haven’t shared anything about yet.  Highs and lows.  Extremes unlike anything I’ve experienced in a long time. More on that later.

Bottom line, I haven’t hit anything this week.  And it looks like I’ve already been upgraded.  Which makes it a very good week.




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